Strong Support from Alaska’s Legislators
Condemning Persecution in Iran

The Public Affairs Desk has had the bounty to meet with Alaska’s U.S. Congressman Don Young, Senator Dan Sullivan, and Senator Lisa Murkowski in an effort to educate and ask for their support in cosponsoring House Resolution 274 and Senate Resolution 139 respectively. Both the House and Senate Resolutions condemn Iran’s state sponsored persecution of Bahá’ís, as well as its violation of the International Covenant on Human Rights. The Congressman’s and Senators’ heartfelt expression of their understanding of the issues at hand, and their willingness to offer assistance via their co-sponsorship is strong. In each of these meetings it was beautiful to witness how the legislators connected the need for support of the resolutions on a national level to the impact their support would have internationally. Equally as significant, all three clearly understood the connection to their constituents, the Alaskan Bahá’ís, who have friends and relatives deeply affected by the persecution.

Congressman Young and his wife, Senator Sullivan and Senator Murkowski along with their staffers received gifts of a framed copy of the Prayer for America by ‘Abdu’l- Bahá to place in their respective offices. It was clear that everyone present was intent on working towards the “promulgation of the most great peace” as referred to in the prayer.

As we cultivate these relationships, the Public Affairs Desk has no doubt that the window of opportunity is now open wide, and will provide many opportunities for collaboration, relationship building, and education building on the efforts made so far, and the capacities being built during this process.